Our Menu of Mexican Food

Taqueria Monarca in Onalaska, WI, offers a wide variety of delicious and authentic Mexican cuisine. If you are not sure about what to pick, view the menu, specials, and photos of our food below.

Our Restaurant

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Seafood with lime on ice.
Three tacos with dips.
Two mugs and two beer bottles.
seafood with ice
A rice meal on a green plate.
A sandwich with two green peppers.
TM Food 1
TM Food 2
TM Food 3
seafood with ice
TM Food 5
TM Food 6

Customer Reviews

“The young man at the counter was so polite and prompt I was very pleased with my service as well as my food I will definitely be going again!!! “

– Shana H.

“Great place I love the food!!! “

– Raquel T.

“First time visit to this absolutely beautiful restaurant and the shrimp tacos did NOT disappoint. Outstanding! “

– Heather L.

“Abbsolutely love this place! The burritos are the best and the tres leche is AMAZING”

– Amanda W.

“I can only judge the tacos from my first time today. They were the best tacos I’ve had in Wisconsin. They reminded me of the tacos I so dearly miss from years of living in Arizona. That said I long gave up on good tacos in Wisconsin. I’m so glad I stopped in today. “

– Stephen C.

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